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We will empower you to harness your unique abilities and strengths to attain your full academic potential and life-long success.
Diligence, when combined with imagination is the key to success in college and in life..” - Amit Armstrong


Congratulations for getting to where you are right now. Depending on where you are in your academic journey, you may be ready for an academic life coach or a career coach. College Exponent is here to provide you the necessary tools and support for next steps in your success story. If you are looking for guidance to achieve a successful academic career or a career beyond your college education, please call the exponents at College Exponent. Together, we bring over forty years of professional experience for your success.

    If you are looking for:
  • Coaching or mentoring to guide you through the college journey.
  • Guidance in deciding the right academic plan/major area of study.
  • Guidance in selecting options beyond the undergraduate degree.
  • Guidance with financing options for your college education.
  • Why do I need an Academic Coach?

    You have never done this before. We have. College Exponent brings over forty years of professional experience to work toward your success. If you are looking for coaching or guidance for your next step, contact College Exponent.

      With our expertise, you will create a personalized program that includes:

  • Assessments, vision, and goal work.
  • Mapping out a plan for your continuing education.
  • Deciding on the right academic plan/major area of study.
  • Selecting options beyond the undergraduate degree.
  • Choosing the right financing options for your college education.
  • Applying for graduate schools.
  • Applying for professional schools.
  • Test preparation.
  • Applying for internships.
  • Applying for jobs.
  • A Life Changing Plan

    Your plan will be based on your expectations and a rigorous academic and non-academic assessment. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized plan for you. Your plan will include
    • Assessing your strengths
    • Creating your life story
    • Developing your academic options
    • Developing your career options
    • Building your personal portfolio
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Developing emotional intelligence
    • Assessing/developing your writing skills
    • Assessing/developing your study skills
    • Developing your critical thinking
    • College & success beyond

    Our systematic approach will guide you to beome the best you can be.


    Assess your strengths

    Knowing your strengths will empower you to move forward. Use your strengths every day to have complete well being.

    Be proactive

    Work with us to use your strengths to achieve academic success.

    Change your trajectory

    Your work with us will take you far beyond college and provide you a lifetime of success.

    Protect Your College Investment

    College Exponent will guide you to the best return on your college investment

    The investment you make in our program is dependent on your strengths. If we invite you to join our program, we will discuss with you the necessary committment needed for success.

    For most people, paying for college will be the largest financial decision they make before buying a house. Just as a realtor advocates for you when investing in a home, College Exponent advocates for you to get the most out of your college investment.

    To put things in perspective, every year of college costs anywhere from $20,000 (state) to $60,000 (private) and is variable. So if you choose to stay one extra year in college, it will cost $60,000 ($20000 in college cost and $40,000 in lost earnings). Just dropping one class in a private school will cost $6,000.

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    Gabriella Armstrong

    Gabriella is a licensed, professional life coach who specializes in academic and career coaching. Her passion for college preparation coaching stems from her love of seeing students succeed in achieving their full potential. 

    Amit Armstrong, Ph.D.
    Amit has over twenty years of professional experience in college teaching, research, consulting, and management. He currently focuses on developing academic excellence through principles of leadership and emotional intelligence. He received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in Civil Engineering with additional training in leadership from Cornell University and in emotional intelligence from Case Western Reserve University.