High School Students

We will empower you to harness your unique abilities and strengths to attain your full academic potential and life-long success.
Diligence, when combined with imagination is the key to success in college and in life..” - Amit Armstrong


Congratulations on getting to where you are. You have overcome many challenges, and now you get to start planning for the fun stuff! Maybe you ponder what you want to be "when you grow up." Maybe you have known the answer forever. Maybe you are just starting to find some new interests that you will be considering.

You can be anything you want to be, but the truth is, you have to start now to get there. What do Jane Austen, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, and many other “greats” you can think of have in common? They started to be who they were when they were teenagers, or younger.Your first step toward creating a future you love is the most important one of your whole journey.

Hopefully, after you graduate from high school, you will quickly figure out how to best use your own unique strengths to make a difference. This is a powerful time in your life, when the choices you make move you ahead.

Why do I need an Academic Coach?

You might be very busy with your daily activities, homework, sports or your social scene. Do you have time to take a moment and think ahead? You have a coach for every sport you play, a music instructor for music, and teachers for your high school classes. Do you have a coach for your life plan? Are you getting the right tools and skills set to get you ready for the next chapter of your life beyond high school?

The power of this stage of your life can sometimes get lost in a sense of fear, panic – or (a word we use a lot in our modern world) STRESS! The cliff ahead of you is steep, and you are about to put on a high school graduation gown and jump! Maybe you get stomachaches or headaches or maybe you feel depressed or overwhelmed when you ponder the step out into the world as an adult. There is a tremendous amount of information that you are supposed to read, understand, and then decide what you will do in your life. Everyone tells you that what you do during your high school will shape your life trajectory.

You have never done this before. We have. College Exponent brings over forty years of professional experience to work toward your success. If you are looking for coaching or guidance for your next step, contact College Exponent.

We personalize our plan to meet the unique needs of each student we invite to join our program. The plan will be based on your strengths, desires, expectations, and happiness and will be customized for you to succeed in life. It will help you in navigating through the tremendous choices that you will be required to make during high school. So how do we make this plan? First of all, we choose to work with only 32 students each year so that we can provide you the necessary attention that you deserve. Also, we need to make sure that each one of them has what it takes to go through our program.

A Life Changing Plan

Your plan will be based on your expectations and a rigorous academic and non-academic assessment. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized plan for you. Your plan will include
  • Assessing your strengths
  • Learning about yourself
  • Building your personal portfolio
  • High School course selection & test prep
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessing/developing Writing Skills
  • Assessing/developing Study Skills
  • Developing your critical thinking
  • Writing the essay of your life
  • Interviewing colleges for the right fit
  • College applications
  • College & success beyond
  • Our systematic approach will guide you to beome the best you can be.


    Assess your strengths

    Knowing your strengths will empower you to move forward. Use your strengths every day to have complete well being.

    Be proactive

    Work with us to use your strengths to achieve academic success.

    Change your trajectory

    Your work with us will take you far beyond college and provide you a lifetime of success.

    Protect Your College Investment

    College Exponent will guide you to the best return on your college investment

    The investment you make in our program is dependent on your strengths. If we invite you to join our program, we will discuss with you the necessary committment needed for your academic success.

    For most people, paying for college will be the largest financial decision they make before buying a house. Just as a realtor advocates for you when investing in a home, College Exponent advocates for you to get the most out of your college investment.

    To put things in perspective, every year of college costs anywhere from $20,000 (state) to $60,000 (private) and is variable. So if you choose to stay one extra year in college, it will cost $60,000 ($20000 in college cost and $40,000 in lost earnings). Just dropping one class in a private school will cost $6,000.

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    Gabriella Armstrong

    Gabriella is a life coach who specializes in academic and career coaching. Her passion for college preparation coaching stems from her love of seeing students succeed in achieving their full potential. 

    Amit Armstrong, Ph.D.
    Amit is an Executive Coach and has over twenty years of professional experience in college teaching, research, consulting, and management. He currently focuses on developing academic excellence through principles of leadership and emotional intelligence. He received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in Civil Engineering with additional training in leadership from Cornell University and in emotional intelligence from Case Western Reserve University.