High School Parents

We will empower your student to harness his or her unique abilities and strengths to attain academic and life-long success.
Diligence, when combined with imagination is the key to success in college and in life..” - Amit Armstrong


You have just dropped off your excited college Freshman at school, and you know your child is on the right path to a great future!

You fondly remember the day you decided to call College Exponent. As soon as you picked up the phone, you knew you were making a positive, decisive step to support your child to show the world what they bring to the plate!

You remember feeling relieved as you listened and learned about how College Exponent could guide you through the self discovery and college admissions processes that your teen needed to understand to get where they are now.

You fondly look over your shoulder at your smiling college student. You are so happy you supported your child to work toward gaining a happy future. You feel great knowing you are on your way!

Why does my teen need an Academic Coach?

As the competition for college education heats up, is your teen college ready? Your high-school academic program may meet the requirements for college admission, but is your son or daughter getting a competitive edge by learning the necessary life-skills needed for college education and success beyond.

Your son or daughter has a coach for every sport they play, a music instructor for music, and a guidance counselor to navigate high school coursework.

College Exponent is your student's "Success Coach." We are here to provide them the edge they need to succeed. Like any other coach, we will ask your teen to visualize what they wish to achieve, and then we will work out the steps with them to get them there.

A Life Changing Plan

Some details of our life changing plan.

We work with freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Your plan will be based on when you enter our program, and a rigorous academic and non-academic assessment. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized plan for you.

Your plan will include

  • Personal assessments
  • Building a personal portfolio
  • Course review, selection & test prep
  • Leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Assessing/developing writing skills
  • Assessing/developing study Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing an outstanding college essay
  • Interviewing colleges for the right fit
  • College applications
  • College & success beyond
  • Our systematic approach will guide your teen to become the best they can be.


    Assess your strengths

    Knowing your strengths will empower you to move forward. Use your strengths every day to have complete well being.

    Be proactive

    Work with us to use your strengths to achieve academic success.

    Change your trajectory

    Your work with us will take you far beyond college and provide you a lifetime of success.

    Protect Your College Investment

    College Exponent will guide you to the best return on your college investment

    For most people, paying for college will be the largest financial decision they make before buying a house. Just as a realtor advocates for you when investing in a home, College Exponent advocates for you to get the most out of your college investment.

    The investment you make in our program is dependent on your teen's strengths. If we invite your teen to join our program, we will discuss with you the necessary committment needed for their academic success.

    To put things in perspective, every year of college costs anywhere from $20,000 (state) to $60,000 (private). If you pay for just one extra year of college, it will cost $60,000 ($20,000 in college cost and $40,000 in lost earnings). Just dropping one class in a private school will cost $6,000.

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    Gabriella Armstrong

    Gabriella is a life coach who specializes in academic and career coaching. Her passion for college preparation coaching stems from her love of seeing students succeed in achieving their full potential. 

    Amit Armstrong, Ph.D.
    Amit is an Executive Coach and has over 25 years of professional experience in college teaching, research, consulting, and management. He currently focuses on developing academic excellence through principles of leadership and emotional intelligence. He received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in Civil Engineering with additional training in leadership from Cornell University and in emotional intelligence from Case Western Reserve University.