Our Mission

We empower you to harness your unique abilities and strengths to attain your full academic potential and life-long success.

Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.” - Vince Lombardi, 1913 – 1970

Making you college ready.

We believe that you have the will to succeed, but our program is designed to give you the tools you need to be able to prepare to succeed. Our vision is to empower each student to succeed in a global economy, starting with you. We are a “tailor-made” team, assembled to actualize a vision to make you college ready!

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We will provide you with a finely tuned program to suit your specific coaching needs.

For most people, a college education is the second biggest financial decision they will ever make. You would never consider buying a home without the help of a professional. Our systematic approach will enhance your return on your second biggest investment. Get college ready with the help of the professionals at College Exponent.

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Academic Consulting

Giving you the best tools to get ahead.

Our systematic approach will guide you to beome the best you can be.


Assess your strengths

Knowing your strengths will empower you to move forward. Use your strengths every day to have complete well being. ...

Be proactive

Work with us to use your strengths to achieve academic success. ...

Change your trajectory

Your work with us will take you far beyond college and provide you a lifetime of success. ...

Our Advantages

College Exponent is made up of a highly educated and experienced team

Our Exponents

Gabriella Armstrong, B.A.

Gabriella is a life coach who specializes in academic and career coaching. Her passion for college preparation coaching stems from her love of seeing students succeed in achieving their full potential. She brings a plethora of professional experience to her coaching; including management training, project management, and corporate management. She uses her writing skills to further your advancement in her coaching practice.

Amit Armstrong, Ph.D.

An Executive Coach with a Ph.D. from Texas Tech in Civil Engineering, and additional leadership and Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) training from Cornell University and Case Western Reserve University, Amit brings you over twenty five years of academic and leadership experience. He utilizes his knowledge of teaching at the college level, corporate management and E.I. training to bring you expedient knowledge to attain your full potential and life-long success.