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Gabriella Armstrong,
Academic Consultant

Gabriella is a strong advocate for college preparedness and planning.  She excels in writing and language arts including fluency in Spanish and French literacy.  Due to her strong professional management and project management background, she emphasizes time-management methodology for planning, and various skills-assessment programs to help narrow your search for the right school for you.  She has worked at the college level as a writing instructor and Spanish tutor. 


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I work with students ages 4 and up to build strong numeracy, arithmetic mastery and higher-level math and problem-solving skills.

Language (English, spanish, French)

I work with students ages 4 and up to help them build basic literacy, handwriting, vocabulary, grammar and higher level writing and composition skills. I am fluent in Spanish and I work with students in Spanish immersion or dual language programs.

Executive Function Coaching

I am a certified coach to provide executive function coaching to help your student become better learners.

Test Preparation

I help students with test preparation for SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT.

Best Learning Experience

Proven Methodology

I have been helping students become independent learners for the last 20 years.

Educational Expert

I was the owner and instructor for a learning center franchise for 10 years and an academic life coach for 20 years.

Flexible & Convenient

I provide you the option of tutoring in your home, my home, or online.

Affordable Rates

I provide great value for your money and support your student's journey to academic excellence.

Tailored Lessons To
Meet Your Goals And Needs

Improve Academic Performence

I provide personalized lesson plan for your student to improve their academic performance and boost their confidence.

Become an Independent Learner

To be a successful student, one must learn to become and independent learner. I support your student into becoming an independent learner.

Filling in Gaps or Expanding Knowledge

The pandemic created significant learning gaps for primary school students and these gaps can only be filled by additional personalized help. I also help inquisitive students in expanding their knowledge by providing additional context and help them learn beyond their current curriculum.

Academic Test Preparation

The personalized test preparation can provide significant improvement on your student's score on SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT. In addition, a busy high school junior/senior needs significant help and getting their college application ready.

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“It is a place that has allowed my son to excel and develop his mind at a rapid pace. He is always challenged and looks forward to attending.”

J Mishkin

The lessons my kids have learned in how perseverance and practice makes reading and math assignments easier in school are invaluable. Gaby always goes above and beyond for her students - she’s always thinking of ways to support her students AND their parents!

K. Shah

“Great teacher. My son has greatly improved in reading and math.”

A. Romero

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